Download VirtualXposed & Use Xposed On Your Non-Root Android

A rooted Android smartphone is more powerful than regular Android smartphones and offers a chance for the device owner to customize it in both appearance and functionalities. Xposed is one of the most popular and frequently discussed things over the Android community for several years. Xposed is something like a platform that can be equipped with modules. Basically, it helps root users to fabricate their devices using installable mods( Modules) to have maximum performance and high-end appearance on the devices. Modules are hooked to the framework via Xposed Installer. VirtualXposed is also doing the same but in a different way without requiring root access, unlocked bootloader, or any other third-party modification on the devices.

How Does VirtualXposed Work

VirtualXposed is based on VirtualApp and epic (Refer Github for further clarification) and create virtual space. In that virtual environment, users are able to run the Xposed and install Xposed modules via the pre-installed Xposed Installer on the VirtualXposed.Unfortunately, VirtualXposed has some defects when compared to Xposed such as,

  • Inability to modify the Android system which prevents system-related modules from working properly on the virtual environment
  • Inability to support theming modules

How To Use VirtualXposed

  • Download VirtualXposed APK on your Android device (Currently supports Android 5.0 to Android 10.0)
  • Open VirtualXposed > Tap on the Drawer Button at the bottom of the home page(Or long click the screen)
  • Go to Settings > Settings > Advanced Settings > Install Google Play services
  • Again Go to Settings > Add app
  • Add your desired Android application and Xposed Module to VirtualXposed’s virtual environment. (Both app and modules needs to be added to the virtual environment to module to be effective on the desired app)

How To Add Xposed Modules To Virtual Environment

  • Swipe up the drawer button at the bottom of the home page
    You will see the Xposed Installer on the screen
  • Launch the Xposed Installer > Go to “Download” section in the main menu > Find the module you want to apply for the app you prefer
  • Download it using the “Download” button below the module
  • Once the download is complete, go to the “Module” section in the same menu > Enable the module ticking the checkbox next to the module
  • Now, go back to Virtual Xposed main menu and tap on “Reboot” to activate the change you did so far
  • Finally, you will be able to use your favorite app with Xposed module you picked

Final World

Some of the users are complaining about VirtualXposed for not working on Android 10. If you encounter such an issue try Exposed/TaiChi APK which is developed by the same developer, Weishu, which doesn’t need virtual space/MicroG to run Xposed modules.



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